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Lorenzo Viscanti on how to harness Facebook’s potential for your business [INTERVIEW]

Social Media

This article is written in collaboration with Ninja Academy, the “Sacred School of Non-Conventional Marketing” on occasion of the online specialization course in “Facebook Marketing”. For further info click here! It is widely known that September is the month that you go back to school, the sunbed and the sun protection umbrellas are a distant [Read more]

Levissima refreshes Milan and launches a digital campaign


Levissima has always been a brand that focuses mainly on the purity of the product due to its Central Alps springs, in an unspoilt area on the western edge of Stelvio National Park, and on the incredible technology of the establishments in which the water is bottled. Everyone in Italy remembers the famous claim “Altissima-Purissima-Levissima“, [Read more]

Business and Mobile: the best smartphones for managers


It is no secret that companies nowadays stimulate their employees to use their own mobile doveices to improve productivity. There is already an acronym: B.Y.O.D., or Bring Your Own Device. This trend is growing and is having a big impact on companies management. Managers are no longer tied to a limited set of connected devices but [Read more]

Machinima, the future of a transmedia company [VIDEO INTERVIEW]


Before their panel at UbiQ in Paris, I had the pleasure and chance to have a quick chat with Philip and Allen DeBevoise – respectively President&Co-founder and Chairman and CEO of Machinima. Machinima is the next generation video entertainment network for video gamers, providing comprehensive gaming-focused editorial and community programming. Its global network reaches over 189 million [Read more]

Brando Manago, confessions of a secret marketer [INTERVIEW]


The big corporation world is filled with marketing soldiers. You are in business class, of course, but you’re at the same time in the trenches: your job is cool, you get good money, social standing but you gotta follow the rules of the captain. They say there is room for creativity, you are the owner [Read more]

Virgin Active lets students from Naples plan local communication campaigns


Virgin Active, a brand in the portfolio of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, has launched in Italy a strategy of expansion by opening new fitness centers. For the opening in Naples, scheduled for October, Virgin and its communication agency Edelman launched in April a project work for the students of the Faculty of Economics from the [Read more]

Mobile gaming on the rise in Turin with Tiny Bull Studios


In Italy, mobile and social gaming are growing fast. Some time ago we talked  about another Turin-based software house, Sport Square and the Rome-based interactive project. Today we encounter Tiny Bull Studios, a team of game developers that have just launched their first mobile game: Space Connect. Tiny Bull Studios has been created by Matteo [Read more]

Monti as Balotelli: how to make a viral photo montage. [INTERVIEW]


SuperMario Monti is a viral photomontage that has spread on the internet in few hours: Mario Monti, our Prime Minister, as his namesake Balotelli, the newborn star of our national team thanks to the victory against Germany. The 2 public figures have very little in common, especially if you look at their bodies and styles, and [Read more]

4 tips to choose a freelance for your corporate projects



Is it profitable to contact a freelance expert? And what you have to do to find the one that suits your business the most?

Personality and traits of the alternative manager: a manifesto


  Is there anything worse than waking up in the morning, getting ready to work and being aware that the next 8, 10, 12 hours will result in a nightmare because of your boss or your boss’ boss? The companies put much effort (and money) in designing powerful marketing plans, distinctive brand positioning, sales force training, [Read more]