“For hundreds of years, Ninjas have lived on the mountains – practicing esoteric arts and dedicating themselves to the study of nature’s fundamental laws. They were able to perfect a system of martial arts that has made them earn the reputation of invincible warriors”.

With these words, Ninja Marketing was born in 2004: at the time, the first blog/observatory on unconventional marketing. Ninja Marketing, founded by Mirko Pallera and Alex Giordano, consolidated unconventional marketing’s definition and contributed greatly to its diffusion and adoption by innovators in marketing and communication.

The Ninja Manifesto was followed by a decalogue, “The 10 fundamental principles of Unconventional Marketing” – a hit among marketing insiders. The decalogue was explained in a book published by Sole 24Ore and written by the 2 founding Ninjas together with marketing guru and French professor Bernard Cova.

Today Ninja Marketing has evolved by “surpassing” the concept of unconventional marketing and by adopting a new slogan – “Knowledge for Change”.

Anyway, both the manifesto and the decalogue express principles still culturally current, demonstrating the pionieristic sensibility of their authors.


ninja, i guerrieri non convenzionali

Unlike Samurais that followed the strict Bushido code, Ninjas used unconventional techniques – like those used by guerrilla fighters – who don’t engage in frontal battles because they have no chance whatsoever against regular military formations.

In the same way, we the Ninja Marketing Clan will dedicate ourselves to studying the “secret techniques” of marketing

As Ninjas, we will penetrate the guerrilla art, the art of mimetism and of sudden attack, with the objective of obtaining the maximum result with the minimum resources. 

As Ninjas, great observers of nature, our approach to marketing will be based on a profound knowledge of the territory: by studying bottom-up our target’s psychology, the space in which he moves, and his behavioural codes. 

As Ninjas, spiritual warriors that augmented their force by using secret formulas and symbols, we’ll discover the power and magic of what’s unbeknownst to most people, always acting in respect of Universal Law. 


(Written in this form on December 25th, 2006 by Alex Giordano and Mirko Pallera, Ninja Marketing founders. The principles have been lightly modified afterwards for editorial purposes within the book “Marketing Non-Convenzionale” published by Sole 24 ORE) 

1. From Brand DNA al Viral DNA

Design the viral nature of your brand, before anything else.

2. From Targets to People

There aren’t targets to hit, but people to resonate with.

3. From Lifestyles to Life Moments

Get out of your office and get in tribes and their life moments.

4. From Brand Awareness to Brand Affinity

You can’t be liked by everybody. Choose and nurture your affinities.

5. From Brand Image to Brand Reputation

Don’t build an image, earn a good reputation.

6. From Advertising to Advertainment

Don’t try to be convincing, but entertain and stimulate conversation.

7. From Media Planning to Media Hunting

Change your media planner with a communications “cool hunter”.

8. From Broadcasting to Narrowcasting

There are not just mass media anymore, think about how long is the tail.

9. From Market Position to Sense Providing

Don’t try to find a marketing positioning, but your sense in society.

10. From Doing Communication to Being Communication! 

You have to always aspire to consistency, from beginning to end.