Lorenzo Viscanti on how to harness Facebook’s potential for your business [INTERVIEW]

Learn how to use Facebook in a strategic way with 10 hours of an online training course organized by Ninja Academy!

This article is written in collaboration with Ninja Academy, the “Sacred School of Non-Conventional Marketing” on occasion of the online specialization course in “Facebook Marketing”. For further info click here!

It is widely known that September is the month that you go back to school, the sunbed and the sun protection umbrellas are a distant memory, you sit back at the desk but have an unusual desire to reinvent yourself.

That’s why, after the summer heat and the well-deserved holiday, Ninja Academy will be ready to return to the spotlight and will help you to get back in the game with its courses, which have been also online since last year.

The first of many courses planned for the new year will be in Facebook Marketing, a 10-hour training course, completely online, in the company of Lorenzo Viscanti (web and social media expert and co-founder of Mikamai).

Content Strategy, Facebook Ads, Facebook Analytics are just some of the topics that will be covered during the course, a 2-hour webinair in which the participants will have access to a virtual classroom, where they will hear the voice of the professor and see the slides with the material on them at the same time.

Facebook, the king of all social networks, is considered the most incredible marketing and word of mouth tool ever. Do you know that Nike has even called it the “new prime time”? But it’s not sufficient to use it just as a pastime: today companies and organizations have begun to harness its full potential according to the needs of their business.

That’s why, with the help of Lorenzo, we will learn why and how to design applications usable on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network and how to take advantage of this efficient tool to sell and/or generate traffic on the websites

To find out the complete program and how to proceed with the registration  CLICK HERE , but I urge all of you to read this interesting chat with our speaker in order to see what you could learn in September.

Hi Lorenzo! In September, from the 17th to the 28th, the Online Course in Facebook Marketing will be held. What should the participants expect?

An innovative and practical course, full of stories about successful cases using Facebook for business. The presence on the most popular social network is now a fact for a wide range of companies, but those able to directly generate leads and sales through spread content across the popular social network are fewer.

Thanks to the participation of some people having a direct role in the establishment of successful strategies we will talk about a series of winning case histories. We will have the opportunity, as an exercise, to build together a good strategy by focusing on the main ingredient, the content.

Can you tell us about some of the case histories that will be discussed during the course?

A company that has faced the challenge of good storytelling on Facebook is Ikea, one of the most popular and beloved brands. Ikea has figured out how to tell the public about their products, generating an interest in the social network, which is certainly a unique case. We will analyze in detail the strategy of the Swedish brand to understand how we have to work effectively with the content on Facebook.

We will talk then about Blomming, one of the most promising start-up companies in Italy, which has launched a marketplace, accessible via Facebook, for those who want to sell self-made items, from fashion to design. Blomming, a service characterized by technology and content, allows you to discover new products that you could not otherwise have known about and thus appreciate.

During the course, communication and advertising strategies will be discussed. What is your opinion on Facebook advertising?

Facebook is a union between earned media and paid media. On the one hand, there are companies, which publish contents describing their products, designed in such a way to impress the users and become viral, which then spreads in a natural way on the social networks (earned media). On the other hand, there are a series of strategies that have to be paid (paid media) with the the aim to creating a database of users and fans and to bring to their attention the most Interesting contents and products.

It is hard to become visible on Facebook without good content, but the advertising is extremely effective in supporting the spread. Particularly, the new forms of advertising introduced by Facebook, which allow you to highlight some of the contents, are working very well.

Who can benefit from the course?

Certainly those who have to manage the presence of a brand or a product on Facebook: they can face some of the most interesting cases and confront them with the communication strategy they have to define. Specifically, we will dedicate a lot of space to analyze successful cases, in which Facebook has been used directly to support the sales and leads, and then bring measurable results for the companies. During the lessons, some of the protagonists of these successful strategies will tell us how they have developed their strategies.

So, why wait? Not later than 3rd September, you can purchase the course at a lower price thanks to the early booking discount: €199 instead of €249. You will learn how to build an accurate social media strategy, how to set up a campaign and create a catchy story in the most popular social network, and also becoming one of the great little Ninja’s.

Knowledge for change.
We are waiting for you!

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