Mobile gaming on the rise in Turin with Tiny Bull Studios

A chat with the three game developers and founders of the Turin-based mobile software house

In Italy, mobile and social gaming are growing fast. Some time ago we talked  about another Turin-based software house, Sport Square and the Rome-based interactive project. Today we encounter Tiny Bull Studios, a team of game developers that have just launched their first mobile game: Space Connect. Tiny Bull Studios has been created by Matteo Lana, Rocco Luigi Tartaglia and Enzo Paradiso, three developers who first met in 2010 during a course on Virtual Reality at the University of Turin. We asked them how a developers group is created and how it grows…

How did your entrepreneurial idea come to life?

By attending the same computer science courses, we found out to share many common interests, like the passion for the videogames world. During the development of a project for the course “Virtual Reality Lab”, we challenged ourselves by creating a simple videogame. Besides being pleased with the result, we found out that we worked very well together, and had the creative and technical skills to create more complex and gratifying videogames.

The idea to develop a commercial-oriented videogame turned into an entrepreneurial idea: lacking in Piedmont a point of reference for videogames, we decided to step in ourselves. Tiny Bull Studios was born, a tribute to our city, which symbol is a Bull.

What are the products you want to develop in this first stage?

Videogame market is currently rapidly growing, with a lot of opportunities both on the social and technical side. Initially, we decided to focus on several platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, Facebook and Google+: apart from being low cost and relatively quick to develop, they allow a global distribution.

Currently developed and launched a game for iOS, Space Connect. We choose to start with iOS because besides being a very popular platform is less fragmented than Google one, but we do not exclude to develop games for other platforms.

What is Space Connect?

Space Connect is a strategic board game inspired by Conncet Four. Our aim was to develop a strong videogame with well-proven dynamics of a timeless classic, innovating gameplay and graphics. In a space setting, it is possible to play offline (against the CPU or a friend) or via Game Center, in different modalities. “Cosmic”, for example, is the first additional modality we released: the match keeps on until all the grid is full. The goal is to out-score the opponent by lining up three or more pieces. We have a long-term update plan: we will ad on a regular basis new features and modalities. Currently Space Connect is avaliable in Italian and English, but with the next update, we’ll introduce French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

The concept behind Space Connect is simple and that’s why, we think, it is effective. It also represents a starting point to develop other videogames. During the development of the game we improved the platform we use by using current technologies but also implementing new algorithms and libraries. Our goal is to quickly create numerous and various videogames distinguished by a simple, rapid and engaging gameplay with quick matches. Parallel to Space Connect, we are already working on other projects.”

What results did you get after the launch?

We released the game on May 30th and in the first 24 hours we got 1.000 downloads and an average of 1.000 in the next weeks. All without ads or communication”

From the next update there will be a paid-for version with lots of surprises. For those who downoload it now, however, Space Connect is avaliable for free in the App Store. So… get your hands on it!