Levissima refreshes Milan and launches a digital campaign

The new brand communication starts from "The Wild Purity Button" widget and an ambient marketing action in Milan.

Levissima has always been a brand that focuses mainly on the purity of the product due to its Central Alps springs, in an unspoilt area on the western edge of Stelvio National Park, and on the incredible technology of the establishments in which the water is bottled.

Everyone in Italy remembers the famous claim “Altissima-Purissima-Levissima“, for years the center of many TV and print campaigns.Years have passed and a question arises: how is it possible to deliver the concept of purity through a digital campaign?

The agency Lowe Pirella Fronzoni has creatively managed to bring the purity inside our digital lives with the widget “The Wild Purity Button“. Once added between the FAVORITES, you just need to click on the button to immerse yourself in front of the incredible sight of the Alps, with its glaciers and lakes, making the online experience unique. Let’s look at laRepubblica.it, Facebook and Google homepages after activating the widget:

But there’s more! The campaign also includes an offline Levissima experience, where the freshness is the undisputed star.

On a hot June day in Milan they have placed some refrigerators full of Levissima PET bottles in some areas of the city. The curious passers who opened the fridge to take a bottle of mineral water also received a nice sprinkling of snow with a breath of fresh air. Here’s the video of the action:

IFRAME Embed for Youtube


The campaign, in our opinion fully integrated, does not end here and promise new and “refreshing surprises” following the Facebook page of Levissima and its new corporate website.


Agency: Lowe Pirella Fronzoni
Creative Director: Laura Sordi
Art Director: Matteo Milaneschi
Copywriter: Andrea Fogar, Marta Policastri
Developer: Mattia Paiano, Francesco Pandolfi
Digital Strategist: Valerio Rufo