Business and Mobile: the best smartphones for managers

These are the best smartphones to look out for to improve your company's managers productivity

It is no secret that companies nowadays stimulate their employees to use their own mobile doveices to improve productivity.

There is already an acronym: B.Y.O.D., or Bring Your Own Device. This trend is growing and is having a big impact on companies management.

Managers are no longer tied to a limited set of connected devices but they are now merging work and private life through VPN, cloud-based applicaitons and unified communication, all integrated for a wide range of smartphones.

BYOD: costs and benefits

A quick preliminary remark that we promise do deepen in the future: not all the BOYD-based solutions are adaptable to all the emplyees. There are also data security issues.

Recently, Forrester Research ran a cost-benefit analysis on a BYOD approach for companies and the results were that the costs are too high compared to benefits (source Computerweekly). This may slow the support of BYOD management especially thorugh mobile devices; but the thing that could dramatically cut costs is the correct evaluation of employees and the workflows that could benefit from this initiative.

For examle, you can grant BYOD protocol to managers and emplyees who already have a complete work autonomy. In this way, you can cut costs on train emplyees on softwares and use of such devices.

Choose the smartphone tailored to your needs

Dear managers (well… emplyees!) there are no more boundaries between your desk and the rest of the world. If laptops and noteooks already condemned you to work in every situation, today, the Mobile Experience is giving you no further excuses.

We can hear your desperation as you realize that you won’t unplug from work this summer! But there is a solution to this: choosing the right smartphone for your business! Here’s a look to the best smartphones on the market that fit perfectly in a BYOD environment.

NOTE: we provide a merely alphabetical order, it’s up to you to choose the best smartphones for managers :-D


No wonder if the Apple device makes it into the list. The first advantage is the huge number of Apps developed and available for the iOS, that allows its use in all business fields. On the techincal side, we can highlight the front camera, useful for videoconferences and that the Apple products are perfectly integrated.



The Torch 9860 mounts the biggest touch-screen on a BlackBerry, and the BlackBerry Balance technology allows the device to be used for both professional and personal purposes. The copy-and-paste restricition funcionality is useful to avoid work data to be stolen.



We still need to wait for its launch date and price, but the new Motorola device, Atrix HD, will have Quickoffice, so its user can create and modify Office files on the go. It is said that it will include an advanced security level, included password protection, inactivity timeout and an encrypted data management. It will have Android on board, even if we do not currently know if it will be the latest 4.1 release, known as Jelly Bean.


The comeback of a great smartphone range that helped Nokia achieve its now lost supremacy in the mobile market. It comes with the latest Symbian OS. It features a lock system via SMS, it supports a variety of files, included MS Office files and a lot of managerial Apps. Moreover, is the only device in the list to feature a full QWERTY keyboard, conveniently hidden under its signature sliding screen.


Last but not least, the Galaxy S3, which has some of the best connectivity solutions and it is oriented to the new Samsung philosophy that, like Apple, is trying to create an integrated world among its devices. Voice command are well implemented thanks to S Voice. It features some really useful movement sensors that allow fast switching between camera, call, sms and notifications.



Now it is your turn to suggest us with the smartphones you use for work or that you’d like to buy, we’ll try to review them asap!