Wishing good luck to Volunia going worldwide today! [BREAKING NEWS]

Volunia, the first "social search network", is finally online for everyone. Watch the tutorial video!

Finally Volunia has ended its beta phase and it’s now available for everyone on the Web.

The Italian project, the first social search network (aka a real social network based on search affinities), after a testing phase from last February removed the access privileges by invitation to finally go worldwide today.

Having explored its world until today we can now definitely say that Volunia has improved a lot since its first launch. The innovation is that starting from today Volunia is available in 12 languages and has new features.

Tutorial: all the features of Volunia

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With Volunia the search becomes “social”

The big news is that Volunia transforms a simple search for information into social action, by meeting with people who share the same interests and passions. For this reason, the Web browsing experience becomes more meaningful.

On each web page it is possible to communicate with all the other users who are there, asking for information, investigating search results through a comparison with them or building networks based on affinities.

Social reading and tools for publishers

Unlike other social networks like Facebook, Volunia keeps the content where it has been created and allows to discuss it in real time wth other people who are currently visiting it, without having to post or move the content elsewhere. You can leave a message linked to the visited page and those who will view the content in the future will be able to read it, but you can also communicate in real time with other users. A real social reading.

From June 21 Volunia will also be accessible from mobile platforms.

Volunia it’s glocal

Quoting from a Volunia press release: “Not all knowledge can be found on the internet. The most valuable details are alive in the hearts, minds, and memories of real people”.

With Volunia every web page becomes a place of meeting, discussion and reflection to learn new things and meet new people.

The main objective of the project is exactly this: to put people in contact with other people beyond cultural, technological and geographical barriers.

You are all invited to try Volunia and let us know your own impressions.

We Ninjas want to wish our good luck to this Italian project and, beyond all controversy, we encourage our readers to support it.

If you need any help there are tutorials and updates on the official blog.