Personality and traits of the alternative manager: a manifesto


Is there anything worse than waking up in the morning, getting ready to work and being aware that the next 8, 10, 12 hours will result in a nightmare because of your boss or your boss’ boss?

The companies put much effort (and money) in designing powerful marketing plans, distinctive brand positioning, sales force training, market research, product development, purchase of media spaces, digital tactics…etc..etc… BUT they forget a few things:

First, you have people!

If you let the wrong manager/director lead your team of people, well don’t be surprised your marketing department’s turnover is above average;

Second, you wanna have dedicated people.

What result do you expect from a junior manager overwhelmed by an anxious boss, incapable to set clear goals, priorities and be consistent - at least for 2 days in a row! – with those?

You, my dear managing director reading this, go take a tour of your company and listen to the employees’ creeping complaints. Why do they complain?

But, even worse, do you realize how much it costs to have an asshat (polite word) on the driving sit? I’ll tell you. Researcher Charlotte Rayner and Loraleigh Keashly, based on a study which was carried out in UK, calculated around 25% turnover due to bullying and 15%  the average ‘bullying rate”. Let’s assume you employ 1.000 people, your turnover is 25%, bullying rate 15%,  and the replacement cost is 20.000 euros/person: if you have some confidence with math, easily figure out your turnover cost is 750.000 euros. Half of the annual salary the stakeholders give you to control you have the right people in the right place.

Besides bullying, let’s get back to the case the manager is a nice one, but cannot seem to direct appropriately. Which has become the norm, not the exception, based on some criteria.  I have identified 10 common bad habits, which are so evident as hard to eradicate: so hard that any manager able to not fall into these bad behaviours has to be considered a whitefly. The alternative manager. Therefore, the manifesto of the alternative manager is nothing but the opposite of a bad leadership. It is what makes a manager a leader.

Manifesto of the alternative manager

  1. The alternative manager rewards effectiveness, not presence
  2. The alternative manager focuses on what is important, not what is urgent
  3. The alternative manager pursues profitable customers, not EVERY customer
  4. The alternative manager is not multitasking, but focuses on one thing at a time
  5. The alternative manager does not like to work under pressure and does not put pressure on others
  6. The alternative manager thinks long term
  7. The alternative manager knows that setting impossible deadlines will result in lower quality output
  8. The alternative manager delegates responsability, not only tasks
  9. The alternative manager takes charge and does not put the blame on others
  10. The alternative manager understands that business management is more important than a power point presentation

Do you know some alternative manager?