Niccolò Torielli: a “good idea” can change the world! [INTERVIEW]

Are you an NGO or a Charity? Ben & Jerry's testimonial explains us in an exclusive interview how to receive a € 2,000 donation

The spread of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream (pun intended) in Italy seems unstoppable. This year, like the previous, two integrated actions to support the brand: the Scoop Tour and the 2nd edition of Good Ideas.

As some of you may already know, Ben&Jerry’s brand was born in Vermont in 1978 from founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. The two entrepreneurs had two founding principles: giving back something to community and  have fun no matter what. 

The Scoop Tour

The aim of the Scoop Tour is to have fun while allowing as many people as possible to taste Ben&Jerry’s ice cream. We have met Niccolò Torrielli, Ben&Jerry’s testimonial, on his tour throughout Italy that answered some questions about the tour and the Good Ideas 2 project.

This year, moreover, through a Facebook App, tha brand fans could suggest some stops for the Ben&Jerry’s van, that will deliver free ice cream for all!


Good Ideas 2

After last year’s success,
the project that embodies the
Ben&Jerry’s spirit
(giving something back to community)
is presented again.

How? Ben&Jerry’s offers
€ 50,000 for 25
world changing ideas

Are you an NGO or a Charity? Do you have some GOOD IDEAS and want to propose them?

You have time until the end of June to upload the proposal of your idea, share it and VOTE! The 25 most voted ideas from the community will receive the € 2,000 prize.

What are you waiting for? The sooner you share your idea, the more time you have to spread it!
Good Idea to everyone!