4 tips to choose a freelance for your corporate projects

Which are the benefits of outsourcing and how to use them best?


This article has been written in collaboration with Starbytes.it, a platform helping companies intending to develop projects, products and services by using the services of Italian Community of selected experts.

Freelance experts as web designers, copywriters and developers have been used by increasing number of companies to create the company’s logo, to build websites, to write brochures, etc.

But which are the main benefits of the outsourcing?

  • The engagement of external experts specialized in different sectors for the realization of creative works allows optimizing the cost structure.
  • The relationship client/expert is more direct, which means better communication and less time for the execution of the work.
  • The freelancer must always be competitive, otherwise he risks being out of the market: to not happen this he should be up-to-date with the latest news and trends in his field. Moreover, he will try to make the best project in order to encourage future collaboration with the client, to ensure good publicity and to be recommended to new clients.

All this will contribute to a better quality for the company.

After you have already decided that the freelance is the right person for you, how to proceed? Here are some tips:

Understand what you need

It is essential for your project to choose the most specialized freelance in the field. Sometimes the various terms used to define the communication experts can be confusing, here are some explanations:

Copywriter (or copy) is the expert who is responsible for composing texts for various forms of advertising (slogans, texts for print ads, newsletters, posters, and radio spots).

Graphic designer is the person who is occupied with graphics and design at various levels. He could be specialized in printed (posters, flyers, brochures, etc.) or digital (logos, graphics and templates for websites, etc.) communications.

Web designer is a specialized graphic designer in building websites, particularly their interface: page layout, templates, colors, graphics and images.

Web developer (or developer) is the person who takes care of the technical aspects and the development of the website: languages ​​HTML/CSS, codes, optimization of the images, etc.

Nowadays, more and more specialized on the web professionals appear, particularly SEO specialists dealing with the optimization of websites for the search engines (in order to increase the visits) or Interaction (or usability) designers who have the task to make the websites easier to use and more intuitive. Their expertise is extended also on everything that has an interface like camera or a mobile phone.

Is he the right expert for me?

It is essential to verify the professionalism of the freelance to whom you intend to assign the job. To do so, you should not limit yourself only to the information provided by him, but you have to use the network to gather more clues in order to provide evidence that the candidate possesses the necessary skills.

Linkedin is a great starting point, but you should also check his Twitter account: whether he gives the impression of being a person dedicated to his work, whether he has followers among the other known professionals in his field, whether he is following blogs in the sector? These factors increase the probability that the person is a reliable professional.

A good communication

The relationship client/freelance should be based on an open dialogue. It is important to provide in the brief (the information that describes the project) as much information as possible in order to avoid misunderstandings and to put the expert in conditions to create the perfect solution for you.

For example, for the creation of a logo or of a consistent, coherent and creative website, it is essential to speak about the history of your company clarifying what is your mission. The communication should not stop at this first stage of the project: in the course of the work you may need to make changes, which will require dialogue and availability from both sides.

Who should I contact?

You could ask your contacts if they have already had occasion to work with the kind of expert that you need: you have to be sure that the recommended person is not just a friend, but has really done a project together with the one who is “recommending” him to you and that he has the competences that you need.

Or consult a directory of specialized experts which you are searching for. From the Italian networks you can try Lavori creativi (Creative works).

Another option is the project-based platforms where the companies might public graphic, creative, web and mobile development projects, defining time and budget. In such a way, you may come into contact with a network of experts that will compete to satisfy your needs.

One of the best in this field is Starbytes, the platform that allows you to find the best resources in a community of more than 20,000 selected Italian professionals.

With Starbytes you will be assured about the qualifications of the freelance candidates: you can read their cards to verify their skills and view their completed projects. Also, before you choose whom to entrust the project, you can request Starbytes to conduct an interview to verify the possible winner.

The dialogue is an essential component for a successful project: to meet this requirement, the Great Go area is available where you have the possibility to chat and to exchange files. Another advantage is the protection of the companies: the deadline and the budget are established and guaranteed in the brief that does not allow time extensions that often occurs.

Starbytes.it is the platform created for Italian companies wishing to develop projects, digital products and services, using a certified Italian community of professionals – creatives, web designers, copywriters and experts in ICT and digital technologies. Thanks to Starbytes you can get dozens of proposals (from the logo to the naming, from the development of your website to its mobile application) and choose the best concerning the budget and the time schedule.