What happened to Volunia? Here’s the latest! [BREAKING NEWS]

First the apologies, then some news on the re-launch: Volunia stands up again

Many of you may be wondering what happened to Volunia. Since the day of its launch, interest for the Italian project cooled down, maybe because it did not meet up some expectations. To confirm this, the Volunia team just launched the official blog, that preannounces important news!

From May 18th the Power Users will be able to “test some substantial changes, that will allow to better understand the identity, the uniqueness and the grat potentialities of Volunia”

Some anticipated news:

  • we will enhance the search functions of Volunia through the integration in the system of one of the most important search engines on the market. We decided to allow you to use a primary search engine, but we will still be pursuing the development of our own search engine, in order to use all the potentialities and functions of Volunia
  • Volunia will have a new graphic, more functional and appealing, thought and realized also thanks to your contributions
  • We will put at your disposal more clear and comprehensive documents about our privacy policies and terms and conditions of use of Volunia

These are the first news, announced through another new entry: the Volunia blog. Together with the newsletter and a new Q&A service, these features will close the gap between Volunia and the users.

Besides the apologies, Volunia seems to be willing to re-birth and recover the time previously wasted:
We are working hard to open Volunia and make it accessible to everyone. Our intention and hope is to make it happen by June 14thBut Volunia turning point starts today!”

We hope this project may regain vigour and, most importantly, make people want to live the Web in a different way.