Sahil Lavingia, the designer of Pinterest and Gumroad [INTERVIEW]

At only 19 years and with a CV that anyone could be proud of, he is about to conquer the American investors with his new startup

The boy in the photo is Sahil Lavingia. He is 19 years old and has a CV that anyone in the Silicon Valley would be jealous of.
When he was only 18 years old he was in the development team of Pinterest (indeed, the present design of the social network is his creation). He also realized a lot of successful apps for smartphones, like and also collaborated for the file sharing site Crate.

Sahil didn’t stop seeking new challenges: since 2011 he is the designer/founder/CEO of Gumroad, a platform where you can sell any type of product you want, mostly intangible ones like music and images, in a very easy way and as simple as sharing a link.

About his startup, which attracts the attention of many investors, Sahil says: “If you can share it, you can sell it. We want to democratize the possibility of selling online, make it easier and accessible for everyone”.

We have asked Sahil to answer some questions:

Hi Sahil, thank you for agreeing to our interview. What was the greatest challenge you had to face while designing Pinterest?

The challenge that personally engaged me most was to make the creation and the use of the contents as fast as possible in the iPhone’s app.

Describe your desktop: are you a tidy person?

Not at all! On my desktop there is everything and everywhere, but I like it that way!

To what do you attribute your success?

To the fortune and to my ability to give priority to fun: it should have priority over many things!

When do you realize a project is finished?

A project is never finished. But I consider it finished when I know that there is another idea, another project which requires my energies to be focused on it.

If you could make a 30-second speech to the entire world population, what would you say?

Have fun and be happy, but be sure to do it in a sustainable manner in order not to take away the possibility of the others to have fun and to be happy too.