Pan di Stelle launches the new digital campaign: ‘Catch the Mooncake’

A new and engaging app from the Italian company Mulino Bianco.

Barilla, one of the biggest food company worldwide, is getting closer to the digital world. The company has just lauched a fun and interacting contest that brings together consumers and territory.

The appeal of the treasure hunt attracts adults and children all along, this is how Barilla has involved people to participate to ‘Catch the Mooncake’, a special treasure hunt that will be running until the 31st of May, all around Italy.


To get started you just need to download the App (on App store or Google Play), then go and look for the virtual Mooncakes and take pictures of them. Remember, they are visible only through the App and hidden in various italian cities.

In addition, the App helps you find the mooncakes by locating on your city map the areas where the mooncakes are hidden. Once you find one, remember, take a picture to earn points. The more Mooncakes you photograph,  the more chances you have to earn points and rise up your score!


The player who reaches the highest score by the 31st of May has the opportunity to win ‘The Journey of your Dreams’: a €10.000 voucher expendable in travels and exciting experiences.

The description of the ideal destination will have a limit of 140 characters…but this limit doesn’t affect your fantasy. ;)

All participants will receive a discount, and those who will have taken at least one picture of a Mooncake a day will have the change to receive a lamp as a gift.


Barilla has a strong knowlodge and ability to engage and interact with its audience through activities that see the digital world as a major opportunity. This kind of initiatives can definitely enhance interactivity in a grateful and fun way.

From the user generated content to the gamification, to a hint of viral and geocalization, the brand unifies various digital tools and obtains innovative and exciting results. Well done, Barilla.


Agency: Imille, Milan