89.24.24 and Facebook: how telephonic communications change

Remeber 89.24.24? That’s right, the phone assistance service that lets you know everyhing on shops, trains and airplanes schedules and much more that became famous also thanks to a series of commercial with Italian comedian Clausio Bisio.

With the coming of smartphones and tablets, this kind of service was thought to be soon forgotten: it was too easy too find an address or a shop through your device’s browser. None the less, Seat Pagine Gialle (the 89.24.24 service provider), together with its agencies, thought of another way to use these “personal assistants” that answer your every call.

A sort of cross-medium evolution that will allow registered users on www.892424.it to share on Facebook their own telephonic queries, posting on their profile the results from the personal assistants: a new way to turn a simple information request into a shared content. To promote the service, every regeistered user will have 3 free calls beside a series of personalized promotions that will be automatically published on their profile, replicating in this way, a proper newsletter.

To make facebook users more close to the new service, Seat Pagine Gialle has stimulated the signings of its 89.24.24 facebook page with an app-based contest called “travel and win”, where every new user can play a videogame and will have the chance to win some prizes.

A small revolution that underlines how the social sphere is more and more at the heartof everyday communication, even in separate fields like the search for a phone number: it is important to note how transferring the information into the social network can turn a simple data into a distinctive trait of a user’s online presence. In fact, the idea at the base of the project is to develop the users’ interaction around a post to inform one’s own social network and – not secondarily – to publicize the service effectiveness.

The trans-media attitude is becoming a strong strategic principle at the base of every creative activity: projects like this show that this is the way!