YouTube Show launches in Italy

The service represents a new way of consuming TV content

YouTube Show is now available in Italy. The service is a new thematic section launched by YouTube in collaboration with various partners: it gives the opportunity to re-watch full-length videos or content of TV programmes. The contents are classified by thematic categories.

ANSA gives us some initial data:

“The service presents 120 TV shows and over 2800 hours of full-length videos. In addition to La7, many other programmes are provided by Yam112003, part of Endemol Italia. Full-length series include Patty’s World and more programmes for kids broadcasted by K2 and Frisbee: NPS, Sabrina and Total Drama World Tour.”

Moreover, the service provides additional information on videos, such as cast of characters, on-air hours and plot. YouTube Show is one more example of how the Internet has totally reshaped the way of consuming traditional TV.