PhotoShow 2012: Rome as the digital imaging capital [NINJA REPORT]

Coverage of the digital imaging world at the 2012 edition of the festival

The most important event for photo and video enthusiasts, PhotoShow 2012, ended on April 2nd and saw Rome as the digital imaging capital. 

Photo exhibitions, workshops, seminars (both free and with fees), previews of new products and spaces for printing and framing turned for four days the Rome Fair into the Imaging Realm.



Photo professionals and amateurs alike had the chance to try some of the most anticipated and desired  products of the market, like the new Canon EOS 5DMarkIII or the Nikon D800.



Inevitable the presence of many models that posed before the main stands of the fair, that were on of the main subjects for the cameras of the photographers there, armed with lots of lenses… and patience!







Awaited and crowded, the used market revealed some truly collectibles items among the many filters, lenses and accessories.




Among the many stands there also was the Facebook Wall: visitors could pin pictures to the wall awaiting for the jury to decree the winning image.






For those who lost the PhotoShow 2012 events (and most of all, its gadgets!), see you in Milan in 2013!