Madonna: the social side of the material girl

Madonna chooses social media rather that traditional media for the launch of her new album 'MDNA'

Always on everyone’s lips, Madonna is back with her new album, ‘MDNA’.

This time, for the new promotional strategy, the material girl has not opted for traditional media. She is not on the press and she reduced her presence on TV. While many people are wondering what her manager Gury OseaRy is thinking about, she is getting confident on the social web to better reach and engage with her fans, as if she was in a live that goes beyond the show.

After having won the ‘Best Original Song’ award at the Golden Globes, performed at the super famous Half Time Show during the SuperBowl, participated at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami along with a revelation dj, Aviici, she is about to start her Global Tour that bears the name of the new album.

In the past few days she has been really into her online social life: let’s see how she’s been doing so far.

#1 Chat live stream on Facebook, live broadcast on TV, moderated by Jimmy Fallon

Madonna was interviewd by Jimmy Fallon, famous anchorman of  ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallow’  TV show. That was the only time she was seen on TV for promoting her new release. During the entertaining episode, Fallon was acting as a moderator of a  live chat between the star and her fans on Facebook. By connecting to the facebook page of the event, people could finally ask their questions directly to Madonna.
During the show, the queen of pop gave also advice on how to dance ‘Girl Gone Wild’, have a look below…

IFRAME Embed for Youtube

A really good example of integrating old media with new media that translated into a higher level of engagement with her fans.

#2 On Twitter she directly answered queries through the #askmadonna hashtag

To celebrate her umpteenth success, on the 5th of April, Madonna answered her fans’ queries on Twitter. Using the #askmadonna hashtag or the @MadonnaMNDAday account, it was possible to interact directly with the queen of pop. You can see some examples above, if you want to read more tweets, go visit Madonna’s official website.

Many stars, such as Katy Perry and Britney Spears joined the event. To the latter, Madonna proposed to join her again on the stage, referring to the exhibition at the MTV Video Music Awards, back in 2005.

#3 YouTube and Facebook were used to launch ‘Truth or Dare’, her new fragrance

To launch ‘Truth or Dare’, the new fragrance, a web commercial was lauched in the branded Youtube Channel.

IFRAME Embed for Youtube

At the same time, on Facebook a social game was taking place: The Ultimate Fan Game. Like in the ‘truth or dare’ game, the user is asked to choose between two options: the first option asks to demonstrate to be the biggest fan of Madonna, while the second asks to answer a question about the Popstar’s life. What an amazing opportunity for the material fans as in the game they could even win prizes: not only the new fragrance, but also two tickets to one of the concerts. The only problem is that the game is for those who live in the U.S.A. What a Shame.

And let’s don’t forget that the new album cover had previously been presented on that a case? nope, a really good strategy since the Star has always a plan.

Who knows if madonna will share her social experiences and feeling during her Tour: for now, what we know from her manager is that ‘turn up the radio’ might be the new single. Stay tuned!