Brand pages on Facebook: the impact of Timeline

Interesting results of a survey on the impact of Timeline on brand pages

On the 29th of March, the big shift to Facebook Timeline arrived for brand pages. They finally had to convert to the new look as well.

When this kind of changes occur, there are always doubts on their effectiveness. The shift from the old to the new facebook, indeed, has given way to many questions especially when considering the engagement with fans and the level of interaction with them.

Then, it is appropriate to wonder whether the performances of the brand pages could improve or decline with Timeline. Compared to the old style, Timeline has revolutionised the whole layout of the page, introducing a cover and removing the welcome landing page as we all knew it. However, some of the apps are not working on the new format yet so they need to be revised in order to work correctly.

Actually, it’s quite early to start comparing new and old layout of the facebook brand pages in terms of effectiveness, but it’s fair enough to start asking: how are brand pages coping with Timeline? 

A study, conducted by Symply Measured and reported by Simply Zesty, gives us some interesting results on the shift from the old to the new layout.

Although the reserach was conducted on a very small sample – only 15 brands of those who shifted to Timeline – the results are quite interesting:

  • On average, the involvement of consumers grows by 14% yearly
  • The level of engagement with the content of the brand pages rises by 46%
  • Multimedia content (pictures and videos) raises the interest of consumers by 65%

The most fascinating revelation, in fact, pertains to the level of engagement achievable in relation to the type of the content posted. When posting a link, picture or video (but not when updating the status) better results are reachable on Timeline, especially through multimedia content.

Those results are probably due to the layout of Timeline that allows a better visibility of media content: bigger previews of pictures and videos have indeed translated into a higher impact on consumers.

However, there are some considerations to make: as previously mentioned, the sample used for the reseach is small, hence, the data obtained might not be that effective. In addition, the sample is made up by very famous brands that can easily reach better results compared to lesser known brands.

As a matter of fact, the new timeline seems to offer higher visibility compared to the older version. And what’s your opinion about it? Any example to share with us?