With “Oltre Tata”, help with children is only one click away!

A portal helps you with finding professional child care keepers near you, quickly and efficiently.

With Oltre Tata help with children is one click away

HELP! Where can I take the kids? Will you fetch them from school? Do you know a good tutor for private lessons?

Finding professional staff who can take care of our children isn’t always easy. Fear of strangers and desire for professionalism may give way to a lengthy and expensive research.

With that in mind, Chiara Riccardi and her husband Francesco Trucchia created their own solution: Oltre Tata [literally: "Beyond Nanny"]

With Oltre Tata help with children is one click away

Oltre Tata is a geo-centric search engine that facilitates the meeting of families and consultants, specialists in child care & education.

Oltre Tata has two main targets: parents, who can access a list of coaches, nannies and animators, and educators, who can advertise themselves and their skills.

The team

Oltre Tata teamOltre Tata’s strenght is, without a doubt, its heterogeneous team.
Chiara is a psychologist, she has worked as educator at various community support centers, and has also worked with minors in distress as well as adults suffering mental conditions;  Francesco is a senior software engineer, founder at Ideato srl, an Italian company that focuses on web software development, which fostered Oltre Tata’s services.

“Children build an interior model of themselves, accordingly to the way they are treated” J. Bowlby

It is critical to meet the parents’ needs while aiming for the child’s well being: this is possible thanks to a large and growing database of consultants with over 1500 qualified contacts. Each contact sports a detailed personal file complete with past experiences, references and photos, all important to frame a first impression.

While the consultants are good at what they do, in most part they lack the experience to perform a proper self assessment and to properly advertise themselves. In fact, most of them rely on traditional media, which isn’t efficient and does not guarantee visibility beyond short time frames. Thanks to Chiara’s experience, Oltre Tata helps those consultants to identify and properly advertise their skills.

At this point, you may ask when will Francesco enter the picture. Francesco’s objective was to create an user friendly tool to enable Oltre Tata’s operations in the shortest time possible.

Francesco did a good job. The filters at the heart of his search technology enable us to enter a few parameters, and instantly obtain a list of best matches ordered by geographical distance.

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The business model

With Oltre Tata help with children is one click awayOltre Tata’s business model is based on a subscription fee for families, while the consultants will use its services completely for free.

The choice of a subscription fee for parents isn’t just due to economic factors, it is mainly a way to qualify users, skimming away those who aren’t serious about this business. Consultants are incentivized by such a qualified audience, and feel safer about posting their personal details on the site.

In reality, the service is partially free for parents as well, since they can register and post a query without paying anything. The system will forward their requests to all consultants within a 30Km wide radius, and return the names of those matching the request; at this point the family can choose to view their complete profiles and contact them, but only after applying for a paid subscription.

Oltre Tata was asked to become partner in the family network “Nostro Figlio“, a magazine targeting mothers and fathers with topics such as pregnancy and parenting.

One final suggestion: follow this interesting startup through its community, from Facebook to Twitter passing through its interesting blog, which is rich in comments from those who used the service.