The “Italian Family Album” on Facebook [VIDEO]

The initiative by the Italian Government, through sharing and participation, aims to tell how Italian people celebrated Italy's 150th anniversary on March 17 2011

Italy’s birthday lands on Facebook: every Italian can join by sharing their pictures, videos, comments and memories on the day Italy celebrated its 150 years. A truly involving project, that aims to create a big family album of celebration, from here to 2061, when Italy will “blow” on 200 candles.

The Facebook page wants to be a sort of widespread museum on Italy’s history, celebrating the 25000 events, projects, exhibits and representations of all kinds that have been done around the Country last year. No place better than Facebook, then, that has became our favourite spot to gather and share our thoughts, emotions and memories. A virtual book where all the historic and cultural stock (rich like few others) can be made visible, in order to help a Country to regain possession of its roots, also starting to build a “digital” Italy by its own people.

This is the goal of the celebrations for the 150 years of Italy’s Unity, already started in 2006, that wants to put together the thousands events and celebrations into this big virtual book.

An ambitious project, that follows the trail the same Italian people have left: the last 17th March many users posted on the most famous social networks, the message “happy birthday Italy” , together with images, videos, songs and famous arias. All these actions re-marked last year initiative, when over 13 Italian familie shown their sense of belonging by exposing the Italian tricolour flag.

An animated video has been made to promote this initiative: “17 March 2011, where were you?“, that follows the steps of “Places of Memory”, a project aiming to recover, restore and enhance the main Italian places bound to its Unification, such as monuments, statues, museums, cairns and battlegrounds.

So, where were you?