Terranova: Fashion Marketing on Social Media at Ninja Academy

Aiming high while flying low: here are Terranova strategies presented in the Social Media Marketing course at Ninja Academy

In all Ninja Academy courses we don’t want to limit ourselves to theory.
As an important objective, we want to offer participants a more pragmatic vision of the topics covered.

We are truly convinced of the utility of inviting external guests that come and talk about how they applied certain techniques and notions within their own businesses. This is as a central step to make the lessons really valuable.

On the 10th and 11th of February, days dedicated to Social Media Marketing, in addition to our trustworthy speakers and a large number of participants,  for the  ’Social Media & Fashion Marketing‘ course we had as guest speakers Andrea Arcangeli and Yigit Aktein, respectively Marketing Manager and Web & Social Media Responsible of Terranova, a well-known Italian fashion brand.

They passionately talked about successes, areas of improvement and brand results that, compared to 2010, have increased  mainly through online marketing operations.

The Teddy Group, a family-run company from Rimini,  has turned 50 last year. Terranova, born in 1988, has 450 shops in 36 countries and more than 10 million clients.

Until 2008, it has to be said that the company did not adopt a real lifestyle strategy as a point of reference, neither a line goal nor a clear identity. Moreover, at that time, it appeared to be hard  to identify specific values since the market differentiation was high. In particular, the Russian market expected an aggressive and provocative image.

In this occasion, the winning move was not to give up; on the contrary, the company decided to aim at communicating what really it was about. Hence, there was the need of a consciousness raising: as Andrea explains, ‘if you tell the truth, it’s sure you won’t forget about it’.

This is how the company noticed there was the necessity of  a complete restyling of ideas and missions, aiming at three key words:

  • Easy
  • Together
  • Cool

Easy for Terranova means approachable: it’s a way to evaluate a peer to peer communication that can lead to a simple and essential t-shirt collection, as well as to support the open space inside the stores while choosing pop and rock as music style.

Together represents a deep-rooted value, it represents the concept of team. Consequently, a focus on social network and customer care is essential. Terranova embraces identification and says yes to ‘treating others the way you want to be treated’. The company refuses barriers and limitations.

Cool was not a relevant word for the company until two years ago. Today, a cool element that Terranova refers to is street art. Its cool hunters are spread around the world to evaluate and get inspired from news and trends in many European and American capitals.

Yigit, resposible for the social platforms, tells us that social networks have broadened the mind towards many customer care issues. With time, they have learned how not to let comments slip as, Yigit says, ‘we think it can be characterizing and coherent in relation to all we are trying to be‘.

What case histories did you take into account within the company?

The first social experiment was a word-of-mouth initiative based on ’+ likescosts‘, a campaign focused on Facebook likes. Terranova’s facebook fanpage is international; hence, there is not a specific targeting dedicated to the Italian audience. The idea was to initially propose one item and afterwards introduce a total look, lowering the price as the number of likes grew.

 The campain has resulted in:

  • 5.000 new Italian fans
  • 15.000 blog impressions

The objective was to reach as more people as possible, prompting them to live a purchasing experience, even without concluding it.

Which problems did you encounter while the campaign was running?

Yigit expains that there were moments in which it was hard to decide what to do, especially because the company didn’t commission the campaign to an external agency. For instance, there were more than 2000 people interested in one item, and the company risked not being able to satisfy them all. The real crisis lasted 24 hours but  more than 1/3 of the customers have then repurchased, some of them have become devoted to the brand, and after the initiative there has been a rise of visits  from those who did not take part directly in the interactive campaign.

Despite some weaknesses, there have been more positive than negative results: the campaign was mentioned in many fashion blogs and the company underwent a substantial improvement even though the brand perception was and still is different from one country to another. Yigit adds: ‘being ourselves has brought positive results, it was the right thing to do, for better or for worse.’

Terranova’s e-commerce platform has become a real point of reference. Andrea and Yigit explained to us the difference between online and offline buyer. First of all, the target audience that commits to the online platform is slightly older (25 to 26 year olds). Online customers prefer original items, with particular drawings and printings, while offline basic items are more desired. Thanks to the e-commerce channel, the average expenditure online is 60 euros. Thus, the staff feels confident and motivated.

The second case history of relevance is the ‘We are Terranova‘ project.

The main objective of the project was to reposition the brand and raise online traffic while concentrating on retaining customer loyalty. The communication was essential: there was the need to declare values such as pragmatism and freshness of the brand.

That is why, through ‘We are Terranova’, the whole staff became devoted to the brand’s fans. We can get to know curiosities and anedoctes, see them busy at work or around the city to get inspired.

WeAreTerranova | Meet The Team [short version] from Terranova on Vimeo.

The results of the initative:

  • 65.000 website views
  • 670.000 trailer views
  • 2.000.000 news impressions
  • 11.000 fans

Who talked about it:

  • 100 blogs
  • 11 magazines


No slick campaigns, showcases, vips‘- waitfashion.com
Terranova Social Media Marketing strategy has been a real revolution‘ alfemminile.com
who better than the employees can tell the story of the brand’ ? – pourfemme.it
We learn from our experiences. Arriving at affirming We Are Terranova has been a hard work, we can say we had the need to let grow who was inside it. Today, we can dare more, and our strong point relies on the fact that we live in the riviera, far away from the big cities, we are proud to be provincial.’

What you can see from the pictures below is an extract of the staff Christmast party: complicity and shared-values can be easily perceived.

What are Terranova objectives for 2012?

+ products
+ blog
+ sustainable creativity

Terranova wants to talk more about the product themselves, not only about the emotional world around them. The company wants to have a closer relationship with bloggers and PR activities. Terranova wants to work closer to sustainable initatives and take part to activities such as the Ultimate freesbee world championship, that will take place in Rimini, as every year. Here there is the concept of easy sustainability.

Feedback from our participants?

Enthusiasm and emphaty. This is one more confirmation that Terranova has certainly achieved its objective: aiming high while flying low.

And we want to thank Andrea and Yigit for letting us feel all more ‘easy, together and cool’.