Make it your race, Abarth’s talent show

Abarth Academy will team up with 6 pilots for the Franciacorta race. May the best pilot win!

“Make it your race” is the first talent show for aspiring pilots aged 18 to 40 year-old, in collaboration with Abarth, Turin’s famous racing brand and part of the Fiat group. 105 non-professional and unlicensed riders will be selected to live a unique experience taking part in the Abarth Driving Academy.

The ultimate goal: riding a round of the Abart 500 Trophy.

Normally the strongest rider is the fastest, but with this talent it’s the stronger the better. With cunning spirit and skill the strongest pilot will overcome trials, distractions and ongoing challenges. An initiative that fully reflects the philosophy of the famous Scorpion and its founder Karl Abarth since 1949, namely the democratization of racing.

In this International project Europe presents 6 different countries: Italy, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland and Belgium. With currently over 10,000 pre-registrations, the number  anticipates the success of an event that in previous years has gathered exceptional numbers. The secret of success is the real goal of the event: bringing a dream to life, an emotion, a real thrill that only drivers can experience.

Starting with 105 prospective winners, the pilots will be selected un to 24 riders divided into 6 teams and representing different nationalities, with a coach helping tanned guiding them in their dreams.

The six finalists will then compete among the professionals on the circuit of Franciacorta in June 24, 2012. They’ll receive a professional training, which is very practical and technical, in order to master the 500 Abarth “race trim”, and the best – the one who gets the best placing – will have the chance to drive again in an official match.