C.R.E.A.T.E., the magic formula to conceive contagious ideas

For our readers, a preview of the book trailer realized by Pasquale D'Amico and Klesha Lab, that reveals the magic formula of viral-DNA.

The 21st of February was a special day. Not only because it’s a palindrome day, but also because -finally- from that day on you can find in every book shop (or on Amazon) “Create! How to conceive contagious ideas (and make the world a better place)”, the book Mirko Pallera wrote for Sperling & Kupfer, also available in ebook version.

What has to be said about the second editorial work that comes to life after three years from its first drafting? Mirko Pallera confesses the journey has been quite long: the path has been principally an inner course that has lead to a special formula for conceiving contagious ideas.

The author genuinely hopes to give a means of inspiration through this book as a useful tool for those who work in marketing and communication to get new motivating forces, boost company activities or simply spend entertaining nights watching viral videos and archetypal images?

Presenting the book in Salerno and Milan

On the 22nd of February, Mirko went to Feltrinelli bookshop in Salerno, to celebrate the publication of Create! It was an occasion for him to meet old friends and make  new ones, but especially to celebrate the book’s release (if you want to buy in on Amazon, just click here).

With Mirko, there was Fulvio Fortezza, Marketing Professor at the University of Ferrara and foundator of Experyentya, who was meant to ask Mirko some tricky questions – and Al Maranca, a great musician that helped create a Mediterranean sound, able to recall archetypes and emotions.

For those who lost it, here’s the facebook page of the event!

On the 8th of March, instead, the book presentation took place in Milan. Many good friends attended, such as Franco Bolelli, a philosopher and writer of relevant books such as ‘Viva Tutto!’, a book written in collaboration with Lorenzo Jovanotti.

The Book Trailer

The great news is that Mirko had the opportunity to thank Pasquale D’Amico, aka Klesha, who executed images and music for the exciting book trailer. Just for you a preview on vimeo. Klesha has gretly translated the soul of the book into music and images.

You can find it here. Turn up the volume, breathe and immerse yourself into a mystic athmosfere. If you like it, share it as much as you can.

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Download an extract of the book for free

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The Create! Iphone app

The app made by JoinPad is available . It will allow you to get multimedia content related to the book. Unfortunately it is not available on Apple Store, but don’t panic, we’ll keep you updated on that as well, here.

How many things! Oh, Gosh!
Time to say goodbye readers, hoping you’ll make some amazing creative things that can talk to your soul.

And remember: you are Creators, never forget that!