Marketing we don’t want: Gualtiero Marchesi and McDonald’s

Last night I saw the commercial. This morning I came across the print ad.

McDonald’s and Gualtiero Marchesi, the fast and slow food philosophies, placed side by side with no shame, no restraint, no awareness of the revolt that this reckless game of symbols might unleash.

They already made a step in this direction with the Parmigiano Reggiano cheeseburger, annoying many Italian customers. But no, not “Slow Food”. They shouldn’t have involved “Slow Food”.

This is exactly the type marketing we don’t like: false, hypocrite, stupid, inconsiderate. Marketing capable of just about anything for an image makeover, even undermining the intelligence of people, exploiting a culture or unrighteously hijacking someone else’s identity.

Do you remember when Coca Cola, a few years ago, tried to convince European people that an American drink is part of our food&family culture? Deviant.

Riding the energy of movements doesn’t necessarily mean exploiting them or raping them. Companies are not supposed to take possession of them in the same way as they possess low-cost labor in developing countries or exploit natural resources as if they all were renewable. Symbols are important and they belong to people, not companies.

That’s why symbols must be respected and treated with care. But do not worry too much. The people will tell McDonald’s that this not the right way.

UPDATE: here is the reaction of Slow Food, which gets the facts straight: “Slow and Fast have never gotten along.”
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